Back In The Saddle Empowerment Coaching

Judy ViaCava, Certified Life Coach & Cancer Journey Coach

HOW DO YOU GET STARTED?  Easy!  Call, text or email Judy at 267-566-3578 or  Let Judy know that you want to have a FREE chat to see if coaching can work for you. 

”Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”

 Albert Einstein may or may not have been the author of that quote, but isn’t it so true?  Have you ever felt stuck and unable to change your situation?  You need a coach!

WHY COACHING?  Imagine having a trusted person, tuned in to you, who sees your situation from a bird’s eye view.  What would it be like to have her right there, by your side, to shine a light on your path so you can see more clearly?  Wouldn’t it be empowering to know that she continuously reminds you that you are creative, resourceful and whole, and that you can achieve your goals and make your dreams become your reality?!  That is what Judy can do for you!  Judy is your accountability partner, your corroborator of ideas, your cheerleader and your co-creator of the life you choose.  Judy LISTENS, follows your agenda and helps launch you forward while having fun in the process.  Imagine having better relationships, having that perfect job, making more money, being healthier and looking and feeling your absolute best!  Dreams CAN come true!

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM COACHING?  Everyone!  Judy specializes in working with open-minded people who are ready, willing and able to create a balanced life and calm the chaos of transition:

  • Starting Over After Death or Divorce

  • Survivors & Caregivers During a Cancer Journey

  • Newly Retired or Ready for a Career Change

  • Empty Nesters who are ready for some ME TIME

  • Men & Women Preparing for Marriage

  • Moms and Dads To Be

  • People Who Want to Achieve their Goals and Make Their Dreams Come True AND MORE!!!!

  • Anyone who would like to create a happy, healthy life filled with peace, passion & purpose!


For thirty years Judy ViaCava has been assisting people in achieving wellness through bodywork, energy work and emotional healing.  Judy received her coaching certification from the internationally accredited school, COACHES TRAINING AFFILIATES, and also THE CANCER JOURNEY Coaches Training Program.  Judy is also certified in AROMA FREEDOM TECHNIQUE, (founded by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, psychotherapist and researcher) to affect the limbic system of the brain. A.F.T. uses specific Young Living essential oils to identify, explore and release limiting emotions from the subconscious mind, which makes space to create a new positive outlook. 

With over 10 years of individual and group coaching, Judy has built relationships with various organizations where she is highly regarded as a valuable resource for cancer survivors, trauma survivors and women empowerment groups in the Princeton, NJ, Bucks County & Philadelphia, PA areas.  Judy is a coach with a program called OOLA: LIFE BALANCE COACHING, designed to help people create a more balanced life to decrease stress, and increase happiness!

Judy loves working with people who are ready invest in themselves (maybe for the first time) by examining their life, taking personal responsibility, being willing to do the deep inner work and wanting to have fun in the process.

BACK IN THE SADDLE LIFE COACHING & RETREATS is Judy’s passion, where she combines equine facilitated learning with coaching techniques. Single day, weekend and weeklong retreats are offered, using horses as healers.


  • “Back In The Saddle” Equine Facilitated Healing Retreats

  • “Panic to Powerful” Cancer Journey Workshops

  • “Aroma Freedom Technique” for Groups

  • Essential Oils for Healthy Living

  • “Empowerment Book Club & Group Coaching & Fun!

  • Oola Life Balance Group

Judy is available for individual, small group, workshops and retreats.  For information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact her at 267-566-3578 or

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  • Free Phone Consultation

  • 6 Coaching Program (minimum) - $900 (includes unlimited email support and 1 phone or in office session per week)

  • Aroma Freedom Technique (one free with coaching program) $100 first hour, with $35 each additional half hour

  • Essential Oil Classes – Free

  • Empowerment Book Club with a Twist - $45/week (Length of session is determined on the book selection).

  • Workshops & Retreats – TBD