Michelle V. Beltram


Michelle V Beltran has been in the Wellness Field since 2001. She is a licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Holistic Health Practitioner, Face Yoga Method Certified Instructor,Kundalini Yoga Student-

Teacher, a forever ongoing student of

the ancient healing arts, as well as the

latest and the greatest in modern healthcare.

Her focus on wellness is always at the forefront of her sessions. She is an expert in fresh food facials, organic, local when possible. Her favorite thing to do is share her knowledge with the community as her service to humanity. She runs a conscious business that is planet friendly. She strongly believes that purposeful beauty choices should also be sustainable ones.

“Everyone wants to be attractive and the truth is that we already have everything we need to thrive and be beautiful. We just weren't trained to remember how to tap into that wisdom. It’s my intention to help you remember your true self.”

-Michelle V Beltran