Rooted River Therapies:
Established 2012, Yardley, PA.


Not too long ago, all of the Associates at RRT met up to talk about what our independent vision is for each of our businesses. As I listened to each person speak, I began to notice a Harmony that was emerging...


All of us are here to serve others in Mutual Support, and although we each specialize in different fields of holistic health and well-being, we share a common value of caring for you completely.


May we keep growing together in a unified way!


Each of us unique in our approach, each of us confident in our expertise, each of us here to earn your trust and support you fully.

With Gratitude:


Alecia S. Baker

Marianne Hoover

Michelle V. Beltran

Marianne Melino

Tyrone Palmer

Heather Bainbridge

Judy Viacava